Kohls Pays $450,000.00 for Slip & Fall at Its Department Store in Miramar

A 40 year old school teacher and single mother was shopping at the Kohl’s Department Store in Miramar when she slipped and fell on merchandise that had been left strewn on the floor in violation of Store Policy. As a result of this fall she suffered multiple injuries including injuries to her cervical spine that eventually required surgery.

In 2011 Kohl’s, one of the largest retail stores in the country, showed revenues of 18.4 Billion of which 1.11 Billion was made in profits. After suit was filed and the case was extensively litigated, Kohl’s paid $450,000.00 to resolve the case before trial.

In bringing this case on behalf of their client the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. hope to call attention to how important it is for department stores such as Kohls to keep their aisles and floors clear of merchandise so that customers may be safe while doing their shopping.

It is hoped that in the future Kohl’s ramps up its safety procedures to ensure that employees keep the aisle ways clear of any obstructions that can lead to falls and injuries such as this one.