Drowning & Near-Drowning Cases

The Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. has extensive experience in successfully handling drowning and near- drowning cases. The firm has obtained successful recoveries in cases involving drowning deaths and severe injuries against hotels and other public venues (bars) involving swimming pools and water related activities.

Because of the high number of swimming pools and natural bodies of water in Florida and their potential exposure for danger and accidental drownings, there are State Ordinances and Regulations which apply to the ownership and maintenance of private and public swimming pools which require mandatory compliance so as to minimize the dangers inherent in swimming pools and other such water-related activities. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria have developed a strong working knowledge of these applicable regulations and codes when dealing with swim related injuries or deaths.

The firm of Diana Santa Maria strongly advocates for implementation and adherence to appropriate safety measures during water and swim related activities or events, whether leisure, or competitive in nature. Due to the natural inherent risks posed by water, drowning prevention through appropriate safety planning and emergency rescue protocols, have been established in Florida as well as in most states. The Law Firm Of Diana Santa Maria stands ready to protect your rights or that of a loved one due to drowning or near -drowning incidents caused by another's negligence.

The law firm of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. is presently litigating against organizers of triathlon events, such as Ironman and USA Triathlon for swim related deaths suffered by competitors. The lawsuits allege the organizers' failure to safely organize the swim portion of their competitions to ensure that the athletes' safety is appropriately safeguarded. Due to the inherent risks posed by water, particularly in a competitive environment, the presence of life rescue personnel and advanced life support medical equipment including defibrillators are critical tools which must be provided in the event of swim-related distress.

If you or a loved one has experienced injury or suffered a loss due to a swim related drowning or near drowning event caused by the lack of due care or negligence of another, the Law Firm of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. will fully investigate your case and help to secure full compensation for your loss.