Products Liability

Full compensation for your injuries or loss resulting from a defective product

A defective product can cause you or your loved one serious devastation and loss, resulting in extensive medical bills, disfigurement or even death. The experienced products liability attorneys at the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. will aggressively investigate and determine whether your injury or loss was caused by a product which should not have been on the market or which failed to carry the appropriate warnings or directions for use and, if so, will work to get you justice and compensation for you or your loved one's injury or loss.

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Products liability.

Defective Products causing injuries:

  • Hair dye - (contact leukoderma, skin depigmentation, chemical burns, bladder cancer, auto-immune diseases) failure to test or warn of possible side effects or reactions, lack of or inadequate safety warnings;
  • Prescription drugs - to include Vioxx, Bextra, Heparin, Digitek (Digoxin), when usage results in injury or death;
  • Cosmetics - serious injury, permanent disfigurement, or death, due to lack of or inadequate safety warnings;
  • Automobile tires - dangerous accidents and/or vehicle rollovers due to tire defects causing injury or death as a result of tire blow out defects;

The Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria P.A. has a solid track record of proving manufacturers' failure to provide safe products with proper warnings when they knew and/or should have known of product design and/or manufacturing risks. Manufacturers of products have a duty to warn of inherent dangers in their products and to advise of necessary precautions which consumers must take when using their products to prevent harm, injury or death. When manufacturers have failed to adequately protect the users and consumers of their products to their ultimate harm, the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria P.A. have held manufacturers accountable and responsible for their failures.

We are presently handling cases involving contact leukoderma, chemical burns and depigmentation of skin as a result of the use of hair dyes and other hair coloring mixtures. We have handled a number of cases involving serious injury or death due to tire blow outs from defective tires.

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