Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Waste are Particularly Dangerous

Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Waste Are Particularly Dangerous

America moves on trucks, and almost 3 billion tons of hazardous materials travel via tanker trailers each year.

Tanker trucks transport all kinds of fluids that can be as harmless as milk and pool water, or as dangerous and toxic as corrosive chemicals, oil and gas, radio-active substances and bio-hazards.

Cargo transported via tanker trucks is fluid and often less stable than other goods. The shifting of liquids during transport can alter the truck's center of gravity, making it difficult for the driver to maintain control when maneuvering through traffic or tackling steep, curving highway on and off ramps.

Unique Dangers of Tanker Trailer Accidents

Often when a tanker truck with liquid cargo is involved in an accident, the tank ruptures, spilling its cargo out onto the roadway. This spillage increases the possibility of injury where drivers and passengers may be injured due to exposure to toxic fumes or corrosive chemicals.

Injuries from tractor-trailer accidents result from the impact of the crash itself and can include fractures, sprains, and neck, back and traumatic brain injuries. Those involved in a tanker accident may be injured in many of the same ways.

However, tanker truck accident victims often suffer additional injuries from exposure to the hazardous liquids that the truck carries. The crash may even cause the cargo to ignite and explode. Injuries from hazardous spills can be devastating as they may be permanent and can prevent the victims from returning to work or even returning to the lifestyle enjoyed before the accident. Coming into contact with hazardous chemicals can result in serious skin burns, organ damage or blindness when in contact with the eyes.

Additionally, when transported chemicals are oil-based, the tires of involved vehicles may lose traction, causing impact with the truck and other vehicles.

Trucks with Hazardous Cargo Must Follow Special Rules

Transporting hazardous materials is regulated by the federal government. These tanker trucks must follow special rules including:

  • Place applicable signage on all sides of the truck to warn of hazardous cargo.
  • Handle cargo properly including loading and securing.
  • Avoid traveling on certain roads where transportation of dangerous materials is a public hazard.
  • Certain hazardous cargo must be constantly monitored.
  • Drivers of trucks with hazardous materials must undergo special training.

There are many additional rules that trucking companies and drivers must follow. A truck driver, trucking company or manufacturer may be found negligent in a truck accident with hazardous materials.

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