Popular Fast Food Restaurant Chain in Davie Pays $350,000 for Slip & Fall in Its Men’s Bathroom

A thirty-two (32) year old husband and father of 3 small children slipped and fell in a puddle of liquid in the men’s bathroom of a popular fast-food restaurant in Davie injuring his head and spine. There were no warning cones to alert him of the dangerous spill in the bathroom.

Paramedics arrived to find him unable to get up and transported him to the hospital. As a result of the fall he had to undergo multiple procedures in his cervical spine while attempting to address the debilitating pain and problems that developed.

In bringing this case on behalf of their client the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. hope to call attention to how important it is for fast- food restaurants, such as this one, to require careful cleaning and regular safety checks of the floors in their rest-rooms so as to prevent falls like this one.

It is hoped that in the future this fast food restaurant and others ramp up their safety procedures to ensure that employees keep the rest-room floors and other areas clean, dry and safe for their customers in order to avoid falls and injuries such as this one.