Pokemon Go Mobile Game Causing Distracted Walking Accidents

Have you heard about the new Pokemon Go craze? This new video game designed for mobile use is based on the classic media franchise.

It's a creative app that makes little Pokemon monsters appear right on your smartphone screen, so as you walk in your home, neighborhood or office, it looks like the characters are right in front of you.

Fun? Yes! Popular? Yes again - just released on July 6th, in less than a week it's already been downloaded 7.5 million times.

There is one problem though - users become so engrossed in the game that they are walking with their heads buried in their cellphones and many injuries have been reported. The Pokemon Go app includes a warning that displays while the game loads asking players to pay attention to their surroundings. However, many users carelessly ignore it and instead dive right into the fun - and perhaps into a ditch or down a stairway too.

Distracted Walking is no Joke

Playing games like Pokemon Go on mobile devices while walking is just one part of an increasing problem called distracted walking. The National Safety Council (NSC) has begun tracking injuries and fatalities caused by this dangerous behavior and finds that 80% of injuries caused by distracted walking are caused by a fall.

When pedestrians are distracted they are also in danger of being involved in a car accident when lingering in a crosswalk, not looking before crossing the street or ignoring traffic signals.

Distracted walking isn't limited to young people who are absorbed in a video game. Cellphone users of all ages have been injured and even killed in pedestrian accidents while talking, reading or sending texts, checking social media or listening to music. Wearing headphones or earbuds reduces a pedestrian's awareness of surrounding activity especially traffic.

Safety Tips to Avoid Being Distracted When Walking
  • Get into the habit of stopping and removing yourself from the flow of pedestrian traffic if you have to make or receive a call or text.
  • Focus on the objects, obstacles, people and motor traffic around you as you walk.
  • Don't jaywalk! Cross streets only at crosswalks or traffic lights.
  • Don't assume that oncoming cars will stop for you even if you are at a crosswalk. Drivers can be distracted too. Make eye contact with the driver before crossing.
  • Always put your electronic device and headphones down when stepping on or off curbs, walking on stairways or using escalators.

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