Pedestrian Killed by Brightline Train

Train Tracks A recent VIP preview of Brightline railway, a diesel-electric high-speed rail speed under construction in our state, turned tragic when a pedestrian was killed in Boynton Beach.

Witnesses state that the Florida woman tried to cross the tracks by ducking under the guardrails as the train approached. She was struck and killed when she didn't get across the tracks in time.

The train was hosting business leaders taking a preview ride from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach on the day before public service began. Under development by All Aboard Florida, Brightline plans on expanding to other cities once the initial phase is complete.

None of the passengers involved in the accident were injured and they were transferred to buses to return to Fort Lauderdale.

Florida Ranks Third in Pedestrian Rail Deaths

Termed "rail trespasses" by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), there were 63 Florida casualties of rail vs. pedestrian accidents in 2016, resulting in 37 deaths. Florida is third in the nation for rail trespass casualties, with California and Texas as first and second respectively. (FRA statistics from Operation Lifesaver)

Train stations and rail crossways are potentially dangerous areas. The woman who died in the Boynton Beach accident allegedly ignored the lowered guardrails intended to warn pedestrians and vehicles from crossing the tracks.

Flashing red lights and or lowered gates must be obeyed as they indicate that a train is approaching from either direction. Never try to beat the train by walking around or behind lowered gates at a crossing. Wait until the lights have stopped flashing and it is safe to cross.

Here are more railroad track safety tips:

  • Only cross tracks at a designated public crossing. Crossing at other locations is trespassing and you can be fined - or badly injured, since it can take a mile or more to stop a train.
  • Wait after a train has passed to see if a second train is approaching, hidden by the first.
  • Stay off railroad trestles - these are not pedestrian bridges and should never be used for fishing, walking, cycling or riding all-terrain vehicles.
  • Be aware that trains do not always follow set schedules, so a train may appear at any time.
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