Miramar Shopping Center Pays Confidential Six Figure Settlement to Woman Assaulted in Parking Lot

A 52 year old nurse and mother of four (4) had stopped at a strip mall in Miramar to check on an appointment when she spotted someone attempting to steal her purse from her vehicle. As she approached her vehicle to stop the would-be thief, she was physically assaulted and dragged through the parking lot while holding on to the thief’s get –away vehicle, which was not apprehended or halted by any security.

Video cameras showed her lying in the middle of the parking lot with no one coming to her aid as the thief and driver left her laying in a pool of blood.

Despite a long history of prior criminal events at the location where this theft and assault occurred there was no type of security provided. Neither guards nor off- duty officers were hired to protect and deter criminal assaults to the patrons of this property.

Though she survived her injuries, client was hospitalized and suffered extensive facial and other very debilitating injuries.

We hope that as a result of this case, the business owner of this strip mall has now instituted greater security measures to protect its patrons and customers from criminal assaults when patronizing the businesses located in its shopping center.