Drive Carefully to Avoid Hydroplaning on Wet Roads

Hydroplanin on wet roadWhile winter ice and snowstorms rage across the U.S., here in Florida we enjoy unlimited sunshine and balmy temperatures. Poor driving conditions for us are limited to rain and wet roads, but these can be extremely dangerous. In fact, most weather-related auto accidents happen on wet pavement (74%) and during rainfall (46%). (U.S. DOT Road Weather Management Program).

The First Minutes of Rain Create the Most Dangerous Driving Conditions

As vehicles pass over roads, the surface continually accumulates a thin layer of oil. When rain begins, this oil mixes with raindrops making the road slippery and greasy. Road surfaces are most dangerous when rain first starts.

Follow these common sense tips for greater driving safety on wet surfaces:

  • Remember to adjust your driving behavior when conditions are poor. It takes longer to stop a car on wet roads so put more room between your car and the vehicle you are following.
  • Slow down and be watchful for other cars.
  • If your wiper blades are on, your headlights should be also - it's the law!
  • Turn off cruise control.
  • Avoid standing water.
Hydroplaning Can Happen in Just a Little Water

Hydroplaning is a scary event where you lose control of your car's steering, braking and power. Hydroplaning can be caused by a heavy downpour, poor drainage or too much speed on a wet road.

When water builds up in front of the tires of a moving car faster than the car's weight can push it away, the car hydroplanes or skids on the surface of the water. Because the wheels don't have any traction, you can't steer the car and the brakes don't respond either. Your car is out of control!

If you find your car hydroplaning, slow down immediately to let the tires get a grip on the road again. If you have anti-lock brakes you can try light braking. Continue to look and steer in the direction you want the car to go.

Keep Your Car Well Maintained for Driving in the Rain
  • Check your tires frequently, especially their inflation and tread depth. Rotate tires regularly.
  • Invest in new wiper blades when the windshield shows streaks.
  • Keep your washer reservoirs full.
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