Doctor and Radiation Facility pay $450,000.00 for Negligent Radiation of Skin Cancer

An elderly grandmother, wife and mother, in her 90 (s) was diagnosed with lower leg skin cancer and referred for a radiation evaluation by her dermatologist. She sought an evaluation from a popular radiation oncology center in town. After meeting with the radiation physician she was ordered to undergo 25 radiation treatments. During the course of her treatment, her leg became severely inflamed and was oozing and weeping, which she was told was normal.

The condition worsened and she was diagnosed with severe radiation burns requiring hospitalization for wound care as a result of the radiation administered. Her wounds were deep and went down to the bone of her leg, putting her at risk for developing osteomyelitis.

Our experts determined that a Doctor’s miscalculation in the dosing of the radiation administered was the cause of the severe radiation burns. As a result of her radiation burns the patient had to undergo long-term care at a Wound Care Clinic for surgical debridement of her wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and home use of a wound -vac to enhance the healing potential of her wound for more than a 3 year period.

We hope that as a result of this case the involved Doctor(s) and Radiation Oncology center institute changes to ensure that the dosing of radiation administered is carefully calibrated for the safety of their patients so as to prevent disabling radiation burns such as this from occurring in the future.