Construction Accidents can Cause Life-Altering Injuries

A recent accident in Davie, FL shows just how hazardous it can be to work in the construction industry.

More than a dozen firefighters worked for more than an hour to free a worker who was trapped while operating a small front loader. He had been pinned between the bucket and the body of the Bobcat. The construction site was on an unstable embankment of soft sand and knee-deep, muddy water.

Once freed, the construction worker had to be airlifted to a hospital in serious critical condition with severe lower leg injuries.

Working in Construction is Dangerous

The number of 2014 construction fatalities of 874 was the highest in 6 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and represents almost 19% of total occupational injuries.

With technology and engineering improvements each year, why is this number so high - and growing?

The most frequent OSHA standards cited by the agency include:

  • Falls account for the greatest number of construction accident fatalities because of unstable working surfaces, failure to use or misuse of protection equipment and human error.
  • Scaffolding that is not properly used or erected
  • Ladder and stairway falls.
  • Trench collapses.
  • Cranes can injure the worker while operating or cause electrocution.
  • Hazard communications: failure to identify chemical hazards.
  • Forklift operations including turnovers.
  • Inadequate protective gear such as head protection.

Construction workers must do their jobs in all sorts of environments and weather conditions. Work sites may be underground or many stories up in the air. Workers routinely handle explosives, heavy equipment, hazardous materials and power tools.

Because of the nature of the work sites and risks like heavy equipment and hazardous substances, construction site accident injuries can be very severe and life altering. Catastrophic injuries like spinal cord and brain trauma can result in significant medical and rehabilitation expenses along with home and lifestyle modifications and lost wages.

However, construction workers are not the only ones that can be harmed in these accidents. Often innocent passers-by will be harmed too by the negligence of others or by product defects. Construction companies and contractors have to make work zones safe for both workers and bystanders and must follow all safety regulations as well as training and inspection requirements.

Have You Been Harmed in a Construction Accident?

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