$940,000 Paid to Family of 81 Year old Killed in Auto Accident

A healthy and active 81 year old grandmother, wife and mother, who was a passenger, along with her husband, in another couple's vehicle was killed along with her friend, the wife of the driver, at the intersection of State Road 809 (Military Trail) and Via Delray, in West Palm Beach, Florida on January 6, 2007. Both women were in the back seat. The two husbands survived with minimal injuries while their wives perished in this intersectional collision as the vehicle in which the grandmother was passenger made a left hand turn and was violently struck and severed upon impact with a vehicle driven by the employee of a West Palm Beach Locksmith Company in the course of his employment. The Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. filed a lawsuit in West Palm Beach Circuit Court on behalf of the husband and family of the deceased grandmother against the drivers of both vehicles. The case was resolved in favor of the decedent's family for an amount approaching 1 Million Dollars.